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Hardwood Canvas » 2011 NBA Playoffs, News » Bynum ejected from Game 4 for vicious flagrant foul on J.J. Barea

Bynum ejected from Game 4 for vicious flagrant foul on J.J. Barea

Hello World!

Geez…what on the Earth did little J.J. Barea do to deserve this?

For the second time in the last three games Barea was clocked by a Laker big man late in an out-of-reach ball game resulting in a warranted ejection.

This time it was Lakers’ young big man Andrew Bynum who dropped Barea on a drive to the basket with 8:21 left in the contest.

Bynum was ejected for his vicious flagrant foul deciding to use the moment as an opportunity to model shirtless to the infuriated Mavs’ live studio audience as he casually walked off into the locker room.

The Mavericks, not so surprisingly, were up big yet again coasting with an incredible 30-point lead when the Lakers’ steady center subsequently lost his mind and possibly any respect he had worked so hard to gain in these playoffs.

Absolute shock could have easily turned into outrage, however amazingly the Mavericks cooler heads prevailed and they, ultimately, closed out the torn Lakers with a 122-86 victory and a surprising 4-game sweep.

Bynum’s taxing of 5-10 inch Jose Juan Barea came moments after Lakers’ versatile power forward and the reigning sixth man of the year Lamar Odom went headhunting with a cheap shot to Dirk the Franchise and got tossed himself.

The Lakers, clearly rattled, now have to not only deal with the haunting truth that there will indeed be no three-peat this season, but that the end of their year closed in such a manner opposite that of the professional club they’ve been over their impressive two-year title run.

But we’ll save all the Laker nostalgia for another day.

For now here’s the hit that sent Bynum to the locker room and the Dallas Mavericks to the Western Conference Finals.

As mentioned earlier this wasn’t the first Laker assault in this series on J.J. Barea, the smallest guy on both teams’ rosters.

Ron Ron got him pretty good in Game 2 as well.  Select the link below to view it.

Does Ron Artest’s late cheap shot deserve a suspension?

If you want to know why the Mavs beat up the Lakers in the 2011 Western Conference Semis?  You have to look no further than to Dirk for an answer.

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