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Durant, James, Melo bring summer Basketball to Baltimore

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Kevin Durant is having quite the summer.

After frequenting the Philippines, New York’s Rucker Park, D.C.’s Goodman League and a host of other gritty street venues, the lanky sharp-shooting forward stepped it up a notch late Tuesday evening as he took his talents to Baltimore to face off against LeBron James and a new big three which included Baltimore’s very own Carmelo Anthony and CP3, better known as Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets in a Baltimore summer league exhibition.

Playing to a near-capacity crowd of 4,000 eager hoops fans, K.D. delighted those in attendance and continued to bolster his impressive summer legend scoring a game-high 59 points on the night this time against NBA-caliber opponents.

The grunt of Durant’s work came against none other than LeBron James, arguably the best defender at the small forward position in our beloved NBA today.

Unfortunately Durant’s impressive exploits could not stop the three-headed monster of James, Melo and CP3 – which should come as no surprise to anyone that knows even the least bit about basketball – as the Baltimore-based Melo squad took game honors besting Durant’s D.C. Goodman Leaguers 149-141.

LeBron and Carmelo finished off the summer’s latest streetball showcase scoring 32 and 27 points, respectively, while Paul chipped in 16 points with no official number on the assists.

Although all the hype, and rightfully so, was about the All-Stars tonight the lineups consisted of more than a few fellow NBA players.  Memphis Grizzlies rookie and Baltimore native Josh Selby took part in the exhibition capping off his evening scoring 16 points, San Antonio Spurs’ 3-point sniper Gary Neal added 17 points while Detroit Pistons’ lanky forward Austin Daye finished with 23.

This was very much like a home game for Neal who was born in Baltimore and attended Towson University which is located just north of the city.

The NBA lockout has launched an unprecedented hunger for basketball and for their part the players in the Association are doing their best to bring the game to the fans by seeking out opportunities to play ball virtually everywhere this summer.

With no end in sight in terms of the NBA-mandated work stoppage, look for this trend to continue.

Hell, what would we do without it?

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