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Blake Griffin posterizes Kendrick Perkins

As if whipping up on the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder were not enough.  Clippers’ power forward Blake Griffin decided to take matters a step further by dunking all over the head of one Kendrick Perkins.

This is not pretty folks.  Timofey Mozgov is now having reoccurring nightmares in Denver.  He may not be able to play again for weeks.

Griffin must of seen LeBron’s dunk from Sunday against the Bulls on ABC and decided to one up him.  Well consider yourself one-upped there LeBron.

When a player is high enough to literally throw the ball in the hoop while looking down on a seemingly pesky..uh…6-foot-10 inch defender, that calls for instant pandemonium.

So without further ado.

Blake Griffin posterizes Kendrick Perkins

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