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Kobe’s mask not affecting his play

Hello World!

Concussion, bum wrist, new mask and all, nothing can halt the determined Kobe Bryant this season.

Almost a week after the 16-year NBA vet suffered a concussion from a Dwyane Wade foul in the 2012 All-Star game, Kobe continues to prove to us why there is virtually no obstacle that can keep him from dominating a basketball game.

The Kings tried their best Friday night, but 38 points and 8 rebounds later they were left with the same feeling everybody else has had this year when attempting to halt a Kobe onslaught.

A helpless feeling.  And that Jason Voorhees-Michael Myers-Phantom of the Opera mask isn’t making things any easier.

Not many guys in the league can add another dimension to their game by simply changing their jersey number or, in this case, modeling a see-through, yet seemingly dark new mask.

But, Kobe is one of a kind.

Sixteen seasons, countless injuries and a newly fitted mask (yes we’re over-blowing this, but it’s fun) and you would never tell by the way this man continues to bring his A-game every single night.

Bryant currently leads the league in scoring averaging 28.8 points per game.

Since being concussed at the All-Star game he’s averaging 34.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and 5.5 assists on 51% shooting from the floor in two Lakers’ victories.

And knowing Kobe like we all think we do, he’s probably fuming somewhere deep within that his name is not being brought up more in MVP discussions.

Ahh…that’s why we love ya’ Kobe. 

Keep on keepin’ on.  Here’s to hoping that mask stays put for a while.

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