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Derrick, Kevin, Rajon, and Dirk welcome back

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There was an eerily unfamiliar scene frequented across NBA hardwoods last season.

While Lebron James and Kevin Durant dazzled the hoops landscape in their respective cities in their usually exciting fashion, other NBA cities’ fans, namely those in Chicago and Minneapolis, peered down to courts noticeably vacant of their team’s stars.

Last season fans saw a league seemingly terrorized by a rash of major injuries that absolutely altered the overall feel and mood of the campaign.

No Derrick Rose dashing past defenders at the rim.  No Dirk Nowitzki, for an extended portion of 2012-13, fading away off one-leg from the top of the circle.  No Kevin Love picking, popping and swallowing up every carrom that came his way.

No.  Those NBA standbys were absent from the court, and because of that, absent from our everyday NBA musings and discussions.

Even the dynamic Rajon Rondo, sidelined last year due to an ACL injury, was omitted from the nightly highlights – Rondo and the Celtics both have not yet indicated a set timetable for his return this season.

Last season we as fans struggled through a league without these four truly authentic basketball anomalies and with that, this season, we welcome these NBA regulars back.

Sorely missed and wonderful for the game of Basketball, the NBA specifically, we welcome back Derrick Rose, Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo and Dirk Nowitzki along with the likes of Danny Granger and Andrew Bynum, just to name a couple more big names removed from the NBA landscape last season.

We can only hope that the great Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook are able to also get back to full strength at some point during the 2013-14 campaign.

The list of injured stars was long and devastating last year.  So here’s to a healthy 2013-14 NBA season.


Derrick Rose Kevin Love
Rajon Rondo Dirk Nowitzki

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