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Advanced Analytics: J.J. Redick’s underrated playmaking ability

J.J. Redick is known around the league for his deft shooting stroke. ¬†Which is the primary reason the Clippers swooped up the 7-year NBA vet in a trade this past off-season. However, what a majority of folks may not know is that Redick is actually a very savvy playmaker once he catches the ball off-screens or when placed in pick and roll sets. To give you an example of this, below we have provided a short visual demo to outline just how sound Redick is once run off a screen designed to get him an open three. Based on the former Duke legend’s ability to knock down shots from the perimeter off screens at such a high clip, defenders have to stay attached, resulting in wide open opportunities for his teammates. Let’s take a … Read entire article »

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Advanced Analytics: Bargnani’s Pick and Pop game

Okay we get it.  Andrea Bargnani has not so-called “lived up” to the hype.  He was selected No. 1 overall by the Raptors to replace Chris Bosh as the savior of NBA Basketball in Toronto and that just didn’t happen.  We get it.  But it’s those exact lofty and unrealistic expectations that may now ultimately allow New York, Bargnani’s new NBA residence, the opportunity to flourish with him. Toronto Raptors Team page | New York Knicks Team page Truth be told, Bargnani is not a “Franchise” player.  He is not the type of player, obviously, that can carry a team to a championship on his own, let alone carry a team through a full season.  But that’s where the evaluation of Bargnani gets interesting.  Who even knew who this guy was before … Read entire article »

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