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Current Standings

Current Standings Nightly Scoreboard

2012-13 NBA Year In Review

Western Conference
Pacific Division Playoffs W-L
Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Clippers
Phoenix Suns   
Golden State Warriors
Sacramento Kings
Northwest Division Playoffs W-L
OKC Thunder
Denver Nuggets
Utah Jazz
Portland Trail Blazers
Minnesota T-Wolves
Southwest Division Playoffs W-L
San Antonio Spurs  
Memphis Grizzlies
Dallas Mavericks
Houston Rockets
New Orleans Hornets
Eastern Conference
Atlantic Division Playoffs W-L
Boston Celtics
New York Knicks
Philadelphia 76ers
Toronto Raptors
New Jersey Nets
Central Division Playoffs W-L
Chicago Bulls
Indiana Pacers
Milwaukee Bucks
Detroit Pistons
Cleveland Cavaliers
Southeast Division Playoffs W-L
Miami Heat
Atlanta Hawks
Orlando Magic
Washington Wizards
Charlotte Bobcats

 C – Clinched Conference D – Clinched Division x – Clinched Playoff Berth

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